Tabatha Gibbsons “Robinson” aka Dreamdoll Dragged

The following mugshot shows that Dreamdoll’s real name is Tabatha Gibbsons.  She was processed on June 11, 2014 for prostitution

in Miami Beach, Florida.  It sounds like she got busted by an undercover.

arrest for prositution

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this photo and it might not be Dreamdoll.  The reality star’s real name is Tabatha Robinson,

not Tabatha Gibbsons so I’m guessing that she had a fake I.D. I’m not certain why she would even put her real first name

on a fake I.D. but we all make mistakes.

Dreamdoll had plastic surgery so that could be another reason why her mugshot doesn’t look exactly like her.

If it is her in the mugshot I have to give her credit for turning her life around.  She is a talented rapper and

everyone loves her hit song “Everything Nice.”